Flexihire's Community Involvement

redkite_with_strap_150Flexihire is committed to the communities in which it operates and supports a variety of programmes broadly aligned with the nature of the business.

Redkite is a national charity that supports children, young people and their families through the cancer journey. Redkite‚Äôs essential services are available for families from the moment of diagnosis, throughout gruelling treatment periods and on the return home. These services include financial and educational assistance, support in hospitals through social workers and music therapists, and community based support including telephone and email counselling. You can find out more or make a donation to Redkite by going to www.redkite.org.au or calling 1800 334 771.  

Flexihire supports Redkite through the promotion of Kitetime, an initiative where employees are encouraged to donate a few hours of their leave to Redkite while spending some quality time with their own family.